Gainesville Short Sales – Choosing a Qualified Agent

Gainesville short sale agents – choosing the right agent for you.

Are you a homeowner in a very difficult situation and facing a possible foreclosure? Has your loan modification been turned down?  If you have tried to work with your bank but had no success and feel that you are out of options than we want you to know that you are not alone. Many homeowners nationwide and even a little closer to home, right here in Gainesville are losing their homes to foreclosure, and looking for alternative options.

Gainesville Short Sales – Choosing a Qualified Gainesville Short Sale Agent Short Sales are becoming a more and more popular alternative to foreclosure for homeowners, However many people are unfamiliar with what a short sale actually is.

A short sale is when you sell your home, and the bank accepts an offer that is below the amount that is owed on your mortgage. For example: if you still owe the bank $200,000.00 on your house, and the bank accepts an offer on your house for only $100,000.00. The bank will end up forgiving the other $100,000.00 on your house.

You many ask yourself why the bank would do that, and the answer to that question is that the bank is not in the business of owning homes.  On the bank’s side of things, they look at a short sale as an option for them to save additional legal fees, that will run them $15,000.00 to $30,000.00 and maybe even more. Also the bank does not want to own the house; they are not in the business of buying and selling homes.

Now that you have an idea of what a Gainesville short sale is then the first step you will need to take is to consult a Gainesville short sale agent. You will be provided with more information on qualifying for a short sale.

Anyone with a real estate license can legally list a short sale; there are very few agents out there that have the necessary skills and experience to successfully sell a short sale home. Our team of Gainesville short sale agents specialize is short sales and have the knowledge and experience in every aspect of a short sale to successfully maneuver you through your short sale process and get your home sold.

Also when looking for a Gainesville short sale agent you will want to make sure that the agent has worked with, and is experienced with different lenders. This is crucial to a successful short sale because each lender has different policies and a different outlook on short sales… I cannot stress this enough.

The Gainesville short sale agent that you choose will be one of the key factors that ultimately determine how successful and how quick your short sale may take. If you have any further questions on what a short sale is, and to determine if a short sale would be the right choice for you, contact our office.  We have the experience and knowledge necessary for a successful Gainesville short sale.

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