Gainesville Short Sales – Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

Gainesville Short Sales – Short Sale vs. Foreclosure Gainesville short sale v. foreclosure is a decision that many homeowners are now facing.  If you are facing a foreclosure you must first understand what it is that you are up against, and what options are available to you.

For a homeowner to possibly know which choice to make they must first understand what a foreclosure means.  Foreclosure is a legal action that is taken against a homeowner by the homes financial lender, when a homeowner becomes delinquent in their mortgage payments.  You should always try to work something out with your financial lender prior to a foreclosure being filed. If a foreclosure is inevitable and you have been served foreclosure papers, it may be time to seek the advice of an experienced financial and legal advisor as soon as possible.  You will find that the options that you are presented with can be very time sensitive, and that every day will count.

Gainesville short sale v. foreclosure?
Which option to choose.  Most homeowners do not know what options are out there to choose from, when faced with a decision like this.  A short sale is definitely an option that you should look into opposed to letting your home go into foreclosure. A short sale is selling your home for less than what you actually owe on it. Our short sale agents have the experience in alternative options, and will be able to answer questions that you may have regarding short sales, what the process entails, and to see if you would qualify for a short sale. Most importantly find out if a short sale is the right option for you.

With that question hanging over your head, what option should I follow? Gainesville short sale v. foreclosure? If you qualify for a short sale most often that would be the best option to take, however, if you are able to sell your home, get out of the payments and end the foreclosure process all together, that would relieve a lot of undue stress and pressure and possibly save your credit.  Opting to let your home go into foreclosure may only drag the process out longer. The debt will still be there, And there will certainly be additional fees and costs, both legally and through your financial lender.

To minimize the damage to your credit and get out of the debt of your home, the best option would to be to contact an experienced agent like ourselves, and get the advice that you need.  After exploring your options and making a decisions on what it is you are going to do, we are certain that we can help you through this difficult time.

If you choose to do a short sale on your home we will be able to help you in beginning the process of selling your home.  We will help you to see if you qualify for a short sale and list your home and move on from there.

So to help you answer your question Gainesville short sale v. foreclosure, and to help you understand where you are at, and what your options are contact our office today and speak with one of our experienced agents.


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