My Gainesville Home Need Repairs, Can I still Short Sale?

My Gainesville Home Need Repairs, Can I still Short Sale?

Gainesville FL- The answer is YES. Repairs do not hinder you from short selling your Gainesville home. It may be an issue to some realtors, but it should depend on how badly it needs repairs.

The fact is, it will not be a big deal to your lender since they will have to sell the home. If your short sale transaction becomes positive, then it will sale as a short sale. If not, then as a foreclosed home. Either way, it will sell.

Repairs involve some cash too, so be considerate that it should be congruent to its fair market price. There are buyers who are willing to make the repairs themselves.

Others would love to occupy the soonest possible and may decline the hassles of making repairs. Thus, this is less attractive to potential buyers compared to a home in good shape. This will be reflected accordingly in the price of the home.

Realtors have to be fair also, as soon as they know the buyer is going to manage the repairs, they will then make arrangements with the lender and all other parties involved for a lower price.

The bottom line is, your lender will not turn down your short sale offer just because your Gainesville home needs some repair. In the end, what matters is your bank gets a fair market value when the home finally sells.

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