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Gainesville Short Sale Agent and Attorney Communication

Gainesville Short Sale Agent and Attorney Communication
Short Sales sometimes carry a bad stigma when it comes to the amount of time it takes to work through the short sale process. Though short sale lenders are improving their process timelines there is still much to be said about taking 4 – 6 months to work a file and keep both the buyer and seller on pins and needles.

It is important to have an attorney as part of your short sale to assist in answering any legal questions that may arise. If legal counsel is sought I would recommend doing so in the very beginning. You will also want to ensure the attorney you speak with not only handles (processes) short sales but also has plenty of experience. There are many attorneys out there that are great and those that have not navigated short sales, do not understand how to work with the banks and look out for their bottom line. Please make sure to do your homework on the attorney you hire and find out how experienced they are.

If and when you decide to bring an attorney on board it is imperative that you communicate with your short sale agent. Lack of communication and not having both your attorney and short sale agent on the same page can be detrimental to your short sale. You very well may experience delays, file holds, and refusal from the bank to work with your short sale agent.

Even if you provided your Gainesville Real Estate Agent authorization to work with the lender, bringing an attorney in after the file is established can prevent your agent from moving the file forward. The attorney must provide authorization as well for the short sale bank to continue to communicate with your agent.

I had a client who took advice from a friend and hired an attorney midstream of the short sale. I was not informed up front prior to the attorney contacting the lender and the file went on hold. The attorney was hired for short sale approval letter advice only but it prohibited me from having any communication with the negotiator until I was able to get a written and signed letter on letterhead from the attorney stating I was authorized on the account. Unfortunately, the attorney right after being hired was to be out for 4 weeks on medical leave and the file was unable to move forward.

The negotiator needed information from a representative of the file and I was unable to help since I needed the attorney authorization and the he was no where to be found. Since he was his sole office, no partners, I was unable to have another attorney provide it on his behalf. I had the seller contact the lender directly and write a letter stating they no longer were working with the attorney and wanted to file to continue. The negotiator demanded a letter from the attorney stating so. The seller finally retained another attorney to write the letter and provide the representation in order to prevent the file from being closed and from losing the buyer.

We had a successful closing but not without some unneeded delays and additional work on behalf of many parties involved.

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