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Gainesville Short Sale Owners filed against Leading Lenders

Gainesville Short Sale Owners filed against Leading Lenders Last year, several lenders vowed to work together with the underwater homeowners to avoid deceitful practices as mentioned in the national legal settlement. However, just recently, there are numerous homeowners in Florida who reported complaints versus the leading lenders.

A deal was made by several states and federal leaders last February which was believed to compel America’s top five lenders to minimize their interest rates, trim down principal or propose cash to those mortgage clients that are struggling.
What has surfaced recently are largest lenders’ clients are greatly disappointed. The percentages of those complaints are in immense numbers; this record was provided by the Florida Attorney General’s Office to the Orlando Sentinel.

Bank of America 39%
Wells Fargo 28%
JPMorgan Chase 28%
Citi 9%
Ally/GMAC 4%

One of the complainants is a condominium owner in the business district of Orlando who opposes to the decision of the legal settlement in which “underwater” mortgage customer who has a property that is now cheaper than the loan will not be able to work with a bank unless the lender is not just a mortgage servicer but as well as own it.

This complainant mentioned that Florida Attorney General and several state attorneys have let the banks reserve a little amount of money to satisfy the needs of the customers who have been deliberately paying on their underwater mortgages. In Florida alone, there is a huge $8.4 billion shared to the state under the settlement but lenders are entailed to use only 4 percent to aid some homeowners in settling their mortgages.

The number of underwater homeowners is very high that the banks cannot refinance all of them. In Orlando city alone, there 250,000 houses are currently worth much less than their mortgages reported by a real-estate research group, CoreLogic Inc. The Florida Attorney General is now facing 1,000 complaints by Floridians against five lenders who processed unlawful mortgage documents.

Upon the announcement of the settlement, the Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi mentioned that the settlement will serve as an aid to struggling homeowners in Florida. The same with the U.S Department of Justice Officials, they said that the result of the settlement will help homeowners all over the country because the mortgage principal is minimized and the loans will be refinanced.
Florida prepared a committee to look closely to the mortgage servicers to see to it that they will comply with the agreement.
Bondi’s Office promised to help ensure that the lenders are complying with the settlement, and they expect to set aside large sums of money to cover the cost if follow-up will be needed as well as investigations.

Some critics said that the problem is not with the compliance of the lenders. The problem is the settlement because it do so little to relieve the homeowners.

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