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What’s Happening Gainesville – Kanapaha Botanical Gardens’ Annual Bamboo Sale

When: January 28 (Monday) – April 12 (Friday), 2013

Where: Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, 4700 Southwest 58th Drive, Gainesville, FL 32608

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens is a place of one of the largest number of bamboo species in the state. Every year during winter, they offer a ‘dug-to-order’ basis sale to produce income for the non-profit facility. The number of species for sale comes in different numbers yearly but mostly it counts for 15 to 20 species that comes in various sizes.

What’s great about bamboo is that it is one of the fastest growing plant in the earth.  If your community allows you, why not put a little zen in your lawn or put a tiny bamboo coaster indoors.