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Short Sale Listing Agent’s Common enemy

Who is the Short Sale Listing Agent’s common enemy? Is it the lender, the negotiator, or the market? Well…none of the above. The common enemy of the listing agent is the BPO (Broker’s Price Opinion) as requested by the short sale lender.

In order to have the BPO, it is requested either by the short sale lender or the servicer. Sad to say, the listing agent has no power over who’ll choose to prepare the BPO.

In sending the short sale package to the short sale lender, the package is placed to the loss mitigation systemand that is when a BPO is ordered. Along with this, an appraisal may also be needed as determined by the lender. The requirements along with the BPO depend on the note holder and the amount of loss there is. It can be accompanied by an appraisal, BPO only, or two BPOs.

Like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, they entered into a deal with a huge BPO company to do the work of their BPOs for the short sale notes that they own. With this, the servicers will not need to worry about ordering BPOs. Herewith, the short sale processis shortened, but can affect the seller and the listing agent.

Most agents want to have a BPO immediately so that price will be up when the property will be listed. This is mostly done in theory but too seldom in practice. The problem would then be if a BPO is old, the listing will stay on the market for quite some time.

As for Fannie Mae and other note owners, their short sales are now required to have a BPO and an appraisal if the loss mitigation is greater than $125,000. Some agents perform this in anticipation of getting the listing when it is an REO. But it is doubtful for a lender to give a particular agent the listing should it become an REO. There are also agents that turn ordered BPOs and are bringing considerable income, but usually this is not the case.

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