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How Can I Avoid Foreclosure? | Gainesville Short Sale

There are a handful of Gainesville Short Sale Agents out there to make you understand about Short Sale. Often, the question that might come into your mind is “Am I making the right choice?.” If you are a homeowner currently in a tough state and confronting issues including foreclosure, or your loan modification have been refused, or you already tried seeking help in your trusted bank but your end did not meet, and with all these, you felt that there is no other options left.

Well, the world definitely did not end last December 21 and it is not yet the end for you, but with the Short Sale alternative, it’s a good option aside from foreclosure and can be the end to your problems.

What is a Short Sale? A short sale is   selling your home in an amount lower than the mortgage that you owed in the bank. For instance:  you are indebted to the bank $150,000 on your house, then you offered your house to the bank for only $75,000. The bank will forgive the other $75,000 that you are indebted with them.

Now, why would the bank do that? On the part of the bank, putting up on short salewill keep them from legal expenses that would run from $10,000 to $35,000 or more if they will foreclose it. Take note that the bank does not want to purchase a house; their business is not on buying and selling homes but acting as a mediator.

How to qualify for a short sale? In most states, there are different laws surrounding real estate. It is necessary that you consult a Gainesville short sale agent as she can provide you all the information that you need to qualify for a short sale and will help you on the process.

To legally list a short sale, one should have a real estate license. That’s why it is crucial to choose an agent that has the skills and experience to sell a home sale home. That your short sale agent has worked with different lenders, since each lender has different rules and regulations toward short sale.

The Gainesville short sale agent that you choose will ultimately influence the short sale process. Our team has the best short sale agents in the county, and if you have further questions, contact our office 352-535-0620. 

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